About Us

 Pathways College - Free affordable college

The mission of Pathways College is to provide a pathway for students to become contributing members of society and realize their dreams of obtaining a college education. We offer a challenging, innovative, and rigorous curriculum of online courses, as part of an affordable and accessible program designed to prepare students to compete in a global market.

Our core themes define who we are as an educational institution and an agent of change.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to crafting and fostering an online environment that espouses these themes while helping our students reach their goals.


Students are free to think, speak, and act as they choose so long as they do not affront the freedom and rights of others.

Personal Responsibility

Students accept responsibility for their choices and actions thereby recognizing they are in control of their destiny.


Students are encouraged to voluntarily and generously be of selfless service to others throughout the school and the community


Institutional Objectives

The institutional objectives provide a basis under which its academic programs are founded. Pathways College offers rigorous high-quality programs and online courses through non-traditional deliveries that:

  1. Promote global perspectives through participation in courses and activities that exhibit global views.
  2. Ensure effective communication through participation in courses where students are expected to present and critically discuss material through both individual and collaborative efforts.
  3. Require students to find, critically analyze, and synthesize information.
  4. Use quantitative reasoning to solve real-world problems.