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S – SAT (or ACT) scores*
H – High School Diploma or GED
E – English Proficient
E – Essay (1 page – see application for details)
R – Recommendation (1 letter of recommendation from a non-family member)
*Prospective students who have not taken the SAT or ACT may take an alternative entrance exam.  Our Enrollment Specialist can provide more information.
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Transfer Credit Evaluation

An official transfer credit evaluation, summarizing prior college credit will be prepared by the Chief Academic Officer for first-time Pathways College students. All transfer credit must be granted prior to the start of the course.

Allowance of Transfer Credit from Accredited Colleges and Universities

Generally, students will be granted credit for degree level courses successfully completed at an accredited two or four-year college with earned grades of “C” or better or the equivalent.

Credit is reviewed by the Chief Academic Officer and is granted in compliance with applicable national, state, Title IV (although Pathways College does not currently participate in Title IV), and Pathways College policies and procedures. Such credit may be applied toward fulfillment of major or general education requirements when applicable; other courses may count as elective credit toward the baccalaureate degree. This credit will be listed in summary form on the Pathways College transcript of academic record.

Transfer Credit From Overseas Institutions

Credit is granted from recognized overseas institutions. Awarding of advanced standing varies depending on the educational system of the country. Certified copies of transcripts and degrees must be submitted in English translation. Pathways College students planning to attend overseas institutions should check acceptance of credit prior to departure.  Please contact the registrar for a list of translation services.

Limitations on the Transfer of Credit

Unit limitations apply to specific categories of credit which may be used to meet baccalaureate degree requirements:

  • A maximum of 30 units of any combination of correspondence, extension, and military course credit.
  • A maximum of 30 units of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or similar examination credit.
  • A total maximum of 60 credits may be transferred in.
  • Credits earned over 10 years prior to the date of application will not be accepted unless there is documented evidence that the applicant has maintained the knowledge and/or skill base of that credit. This determination will be made by the Chief Academic Officer.

Transfer Grade Policies

Pathways College utilizes the following policies in evaluating grades earned in courses accepted for transfer:

  • The grading policies of the accredited institution where credit was earned is honored by accepting at face value all official transcript entries including those:
    • reflecting academic renewal efforts,
    • reflecting acceptance of grade point remediation for repeated courses, and regarding “incomplete” grades (e.g. I, IS, and IU).
    • All transfer courses graded Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit are computed at neutral value, except in those cases where the specific grading symbol is identified by the source institution as equivalent to a grade less than C in which case it will be taken at face value.
    • All transfer course grades or symbols used to designate unsatisfactory, failing, or non-passing work at time of withdrawal such as UW, WU or WF are evaluated as failing grades (F) unless otherwise defined by the source institution.


The transferability of credits you earn at Pathways College is at the complete discretion of an institution to which you seek to transfer. Acceptance of the diploma you earn at any program offered by Pathways College is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer. If the credits and/or the diploma that you earn at this institution are not accepted at the institution to which you seek to transfer, you may be required to repeat some or all of your coursework at that institution. For this reason you should make certain that your attendance at this institution will meet your educational goals. This may include contacting an institution to which you may seek to transfer after attending Pathways College to determine if your credits, courses, diploma will transfer.

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