• ACC 200 Principles of Accounting I

    3 Units, Required The course is organized around the accounting cycle, merchandising concerns, and financial assets, including plant assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity.  Students will record and summarize business transactions, and prepare, interpret, and use financial statements. Prerequisites: None

  • ACC 201 Principles of Accounting II

    3 Units, Required The study of the fundamentals of managerial accounting, with specific emphasis on accounting for a manufacturing concern, budgeting, planning, management decision. making, and analysis of financial reports.  Topics also include cost behavior and control, product cost accumulation and pricing, and responsibility accounting. Prerequisite: ACC 200 Principles of Accounting 1

  • ANT 111 Survey of Physical Anthropology


    3 Units, Required The study of human biological evolution in the context of modern genetics and primate behavior studies. Natural selection and related issues including patterns of inheritance are discussed.  The human fossil record, as well as the diversity and commonality of present and past populations of humankind are examined. Prerequisites: none

  • ANT 201 Anthropology of Change

    3 Units, Required This course is an examination of the concepts of risk and vulnerability, the role of science and local knowledge, and the social contexts of policies and actions, as well as how climate change is affecting and will continue to affect communities worldwide.  A variety of issues and challenges facing individuals, organizations, and […]

  • ART 100 Art Appreciation New

    3 Units, Required The importance of art in today’s world and the purposes art has served from prehistoric through modern times in a variety of cultures. Art is viewed in context with family, politics, religion, sexuality, social protest and entertainment. Measurable standards for understanding artistic intent and expression are presented so that students may increase […]

  • BIO 101 Introduction to Living Systems


    Coming soon!

  • BIO 303 Human Genetics

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  • BUS 135 Introduction to Business

    3 Units, Required An exposure to the functions of modern business. The course demonstrates how these functions exist in a changing society and the type of decisions which must be made within that environment. The course is designed to expose the student to the multiple career fields in the areas of business. The importance of […]

  • BUS 150 Organizational Change

    3 Units, Required The challenges, techniques, and problems associated with initiating and implementing major change in an organization.  Identification of the external and internal forces that cause change, such as leading a new initiative or project, working to change the culture of the organization, entering new markets, or launching a new product.  The focus is […]