• ENG 326 Telling Stories: The Art and Craft of the Memoir

    3 Units, Required The principles of writing memoirs and personal essays. An exploration of various memoir pieces through group literary analysis. Prerequisites: ENG 100 Composition

  • ENG 350 Reading and Writing in the Humanities

    3 Units, Required Analysis of various forms of academic and professional writing for the humanities. Modes and methods of argumentation, research methods, design of papers, stylistic clarity, and editing strategies are covered through analysis of works of fiction and non-fiction. Prerequisites: ENG 100 Composition

  • ENT 201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

    3 Units, Required Evaluating the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture. A review of the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, covered using a four-step process: Deciding to become an entrepreneur, developing successful business ideas, Moving from an idea to an entrepreneurial firm, and Managing and growing the entrepreneurial firm. Prerequisites: […]

  • FIN 316 Financial Institutions and Markets

    3 Units, Required An examination of concepts, environments, and marketing management roles, as applied to industry, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Focus is on the unique attributes of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion), target groups, relationship marketing, research, competitor analysis, and strategic planning. Emphasis will be placed on developing a marketing plan […]

  • FIN 401 Principles of Finance

    3 Units, Required An introduction to the field of finance. The course provides a foundation for moving into the field of International Finance and Financial Management. Financial management as applied to the firm and how financial decisions add value of the firm are covered. Prerequisites: ACC 201 Principles of Accounting 2

  • GEO 101 Introduction to Environmental Science


    Coming soon!

  • GEO 330 One World: The Digital Planet

    3 Units, Required An examination of how digital media are used and various methods and strategies used to evaluate online communication tools.  The costs, risks and benefits associated with communications with consumers, stakeholders, and the general public in the online marketplace are reviewed. Prerequisites: none

  • HIS 101 United States History


    3 Units, Required A chronological survey of American historical development from 1877 to the present. Emphasis is placed on the understanding of American social, intellectual, political, economic, and diplomatic institutions. Special topical consideration will be given to the nation’s culture and diversity. The emergence of the United States as a superpower is analyzed against the […]

  • HRM 303 Human Resources Management

    3 Units, Required The role of the human resource professional as a strategic partner in managing today’s organizations. Key functions such as recruitment, selection, development, appraisal, retention, compensation, and labor relations are examined. Implications of legal and global environments are appraised and current issues such as diversity training, sexual harassment policies, and rising benefit costs […]