• MKT 450 Consumer Behavior

    3 Units, Required Basic  concepts  and  research  results  from  marketing  and  the  social sciences examined  with  the  goal  of  enabling  marketers  to  better  understand customers  and  meet  their  needs.  The  decision  process  of  buyers,  factors  affecting purchasing  decisions,  and  customer  satisfaction  are  major  conceptual  areas  of  the course. Implications for marketing strategies (e.g., market segmentation, […]

  • PHI 200 Philosophies of War and Peace

    3 Units, Required Moral issues about the recourse to war by the nation and the individual’s obligations to participate. The nature of peace, social and personal. Special attention to the recent wars in the Middle East and modern warfare. Prerequisite: none

  • PHI 401 The Meaning of Life

    3 Units, Required An examination of philosophical thoughts concerning death and the meaning of life. A broad historical overview of how philosophers have traditionally addressed the question of life’s meaning examined through plays, poems, art, literature, and films that apply or illustrate the philosophical concept. Prerequisite: none

  • PHI 440 Business Ethics

    3 Units, Required The elements of ethics, the importance of ethical decision making, and its effects on employees (personnel), business and society. The philosophical foundations of ethical conduct and the practical problems encountered in the day-to-day conduct of business affairs will be discussed. Prerequisite: ACC 201 Principles of Accounting 2

  • PHY 101 Physics: The World Around You

    3 Units, Required An investigation of the world around us to gain a better understanding of how and why various physical phenomena occur.  The course will cover a broad range of topics, including energy; gravity and outer space; nuclear power; light and sound and their application to vision, music, medicine and more; climate change and […]

  • POL 101 American Government: National, State, and Local

    3 Units, Required An overview of American government and politics at the Federal, state and the local, level. It adopts the comparative perspective of state politics, in which we will learn about the 50 states by observing the similarities and differences between their political systems and institutions. Prerequisite: None

  • PSY 100 Principles of Psychology

    Coming soon!

  • PSY 200 Critical Thinking and Decision Making

    3 Units, Required The logic of the scientific method and the common errors of human cognition that impede critical thinking.  Emphasis is placed on the application of critical thinking skill to writing effective arguments, analyzing the writings of others, and understanding contemporary controversies in psychology. Prerequisite: none

  • SOC 201 Social Inequality

    3 Units, Required The causes and consequences of social inequality in the United States. The various theoretical perspectives taken by social scientists on social inequality will be examined. How social inequality is experienced and maintained. Other topics include: wealth and income inequality; racial and gender inequality; educational inequality; ideology; the intersection of class, race/ethnicity, and […]