Liberal Studies

  • ENG 326 Telling Stories: The Art and Craft of the Memoir

    3 Units, Required The principles of writing memoirs and personal essays. An exploration of various memoir pieces through group literary analysis. Prerequisites: ENG 100 Composition

  • ENG 350 Reading and Writing in the Humanities

    3 Units, Required Analysis of various forms of academic and professional writing for the humanities. Modes and methods of argumentation, research methods, design of papers, stylistic clarity, and editing strategies are covered through analysis of works of fiction and non-fiction. Prerequisites: ENG 100 Composition

  • HUM 150 Science Technology and the Literature of Culture

    3 Units, Required An exploration of the relationships among culture, literature, the sciences, and technology, focusing in particular on narratives of evolution and creation from the late 8th century into the 21st century. Prerequisites: none

  • HUM 322 Revolutionary Lives

    3 Units, Required An in-depth examination of the lives of four individuals who, for better or worse, have influenced the history of the world by leading a revolutionary life.  The individuals who are featured in the course change from term to term and will include people from all areas of the world and all eras. […]

  • HUM 362 Vice, Crime, and American Law

    3 Units, Required An examination of the moral concept of “vice,” the history and evolution of what constitutes vice, and how vice has been treated in American criminal law. Topics include gambling, prostitution, pornography, drugs, hate speech, and so-called “blue” laws. Prerequisites: none

  • HUM 382 Music Appreciation

    3 Units, Required An introduction to the ways in which music is put together and how to listen to a wide variety of musical styles, from Classical, to Seculat, to Jazz, the Blues, Rock and Roll Country, and Rap. Prerequisites: none

  • HUM 499 Independent Study in the Humanities

    3 Units, Required This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to gain or enhance their knowledge and to explore an area of interest related to the humanities which may not be covered in the Pathways College curriculum. Prerequisites: Complete 100 credits prior to first day of class, Academic Advisor Approval

  • LIB 150 Introduction to Urban Studies

    3 Units, Required An introduction to the city and an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Urban Studies. How scholars approach cities from a variety of disciplinary viewpoints, including architecture, planning, law, sociology, history, archaeology, anthropology, political science, public policy, and geography. Prerequisite: None

  • LIB 200 Individual, Community, Creator

    3 Units, Required The fundamental nature of philosophy, religion, the arts, and literature and how they are integrated with contemporary American culture and our communities. Prerequisites: none